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CZ Dabing

CZ Dabing 2


  • 6.11.2016 at 13:25

    lol,cartman sa fakt poucil XD

    • 22.4.2017 at 20:44

      Jeden z nejlepších dílů

    • 20.5.2017 at 9:39

      Rassure-toi, ici il fait un temps de“cochon“, pluie, pluie et vent froid et ciel gris.Je vais me lancer également pourfaire mon petit salé, très prBohainement.con week-end.

    • 20.5.2017 at 15:31

      I told my grednmothar how you helped. She said, „bake them a cake!“

  • 20.5.2017 at 10:25

    and that the actual measure line is about a third of an inch down inside the cup, so you can’t level off the flour or sugar or whatever you are measuring. If precision isn’t especially important to you (i.e. if yo7u#821&;ll use them for cooking rather than baking), and you are willing to take extra care with them, I recommend them, especially the blue ones, because the color is so lovely. However, I am resigned to getting something less beautiful that will actually get the job done.


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